A visit to a special place

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to make another visit to one of my favorite places — the Oasis de Amor orphanage in Honduras.
The children continue to amaze me as they are filled with so much love.
In addition to spending some time with the children, and delivering a few gifts from Father’s Hope donors, I was also able to receive a status update on the orphanage. I am told that this summer the orphanage should be adding 12 new children — six boys and six girls.
With the added children — and the fact that the school bus that is owned by the orphanage does not work — Oasis de Amor is in need of a new school bus to transport the children to and from school.
Over the next several months, I will be doing some research and putting together a plan in an effort to raise the necessary resources to purchase the bus for Oasis.
Interested in contributing to the purchase of a school bus for the orphanage? Tax-deductible financial contributions can be sent to: Father’s Hope, 9 Greenbriar Drive, Milton PA 17847. If you are donating toward the bus purchase, please note that with your donation.
Would you like more information on Father’s Hope, or on scheduling a speaker from our organization for your church group, community organization, school or any other entity? Simply email me at fathers.hope@gmail.com or send a message to our Father’s Hope Facebook page.
Thank you for your continued interest in and support of our work. We’ve now touched the lives of over 27,000 children in 19 countries.
Kevin Mertz, director
Father’s Hope