A bus for Oasis

Through my numerous trips to the Oasis de Amor orphanage in Honduras over the last several years, I became acutely aware of the need the orphanage had for a new school bus.
The bus that had been used to transport the children to and from school — and other activities — sustained a catastrophic mechanical failure. To transport the kids to and from school, the children would pile in a small van and ride in a manner that was not too safe. Recently, I learned the van also suffered a catastrophic mechanical failure.
During my last visit to the orphanage in April, I spoke with Paola — the daughter of Pastor Boris, the orphanage director — about the need for a new bus. In addition to needing the bus to transport the children to and from school, Paola said now was also a critical time for adding the bus as the orphanage was looking to take in up to six additional children over the next year. Since my visit, two more children have come to stay at the orphanage.
Through the course of our conversation, I indicated to Paola that God had placed it on my heart for Father’s Hope to launch an effort to purchase a new bus for Oasis.
As I continued to craft several plans to make that happen, I learned of the recent mechanical breakdown of the van and realized the orphanage needs a new bus in a much more rapid manner than we may be able to provide.
I am determined to help Oasis de Amor acquire that new bus. The children at Oasis are so special, and so full of love, they deserve to have a safe way to school so they can obtain an education to help better their futures.
We are accepting donations to help with the purchase of the bus. Your tax-deductible financial contributions can be sent to: Father’s Hope, 9 Greenbriar Drive, Milton, PA 17847. Please specify that your donation is for the Oasis bus.
I would also gladly entertain suggestions, or significant donations, from anyone who may have ideas to help us obtain the Oasis bus purchase in a rapid manner. Please contact me by email at fathers.hope@gmail.com or through the Father’s Hope Facebook page.
THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support our efforts in any way. Because of you, lives are being changed around the world.
Interested in learning more about our mission. Contact me by email or Facebook to arrange a speaker from Father’s Hope for you community organization, church or any other entity.
Kevin Mertz, director
Father’s Hope