Amazing stories

June could be classified as the month of amazing stories as we’ve heard some incredible things as we’ve been busy carrying out our mission.
Our friends from Revival Tabernacle church in Watsontown, Pa., recently traveled on a mission trip to Choluteca, Honduras — the location of the Oasis de Amor orphanage that I have visited multiple times over the last six years.
In September, we purchased a new outdoor play set for the orphanage. On my subsequent trips to Oasis de Amor in December and April I noticed that the sliding boards had been used so hard that they were already in need of being painted.
Knowing that Revival Tabernacle was headed to Oasis with a group of able-bodied workers, I sent funds from Father’s Hope along to purchase the supplies needed so the group could repaint the sliding boards.
I was moved to tears when I heard the story of how things went while working on the project. The man at the hardware store in Choluteca where the group went to purchase the supplies needed for the project told the group that there was a certain process they would have to go through to properly paint the slides.
The man then volunteered to take the day off from his job and travel to the orphanage with the group in order to help them with the project. We were deeply moved that this man would take a day off from his job to travel with out friends to help paint the sliding boards at a place that is so special to us.
We are continuing our efforts to raise the funds needed to help purchase a new school bus for Oasis de Amor. Several fundraisers are in the initial planning stages. You can also contribute by sending a tax-deductible financial contribution to: Father’s Hope, 9 Greenbriar Drive, Milton PA 17847. Please specify that your donation is for the Oasis bus.
While our friends from Revival Tabernacle were in Honduras, my wife Irma and I were preparing to travel to Niagara Falls, N.Y. We were able to see the falls while we were there, but the primary purpose of our trip was to deliver 27 bags filled with 577 stuffed animals to Hannah House.
Hanna House is an organization working with the homeless and impoverished of Niagara Falls and surrounding communities. The stuffed animals will go to children the organization works with.
While there is incredible beauty in the falls, just a few blocks away is a community filled with incredible poverty. Anne, the director of Hannah House, told us that drugs — particularly heroin — has become a big problem in her community. In one day recently, she said 35 people died of drug overdoses in Niagara Falls.
While our volunteers have been working hard to carry out our mission recently, we are also thankful for everyone who continues to contribute to our mission in any way. Among those donations we’ve received recently are a cash contribution from MedExpress, and stuffed animals from the Weatherly Interact Club and From Me To You, a Milton, Pa. business which recently collected stuffed animal donations for our mission.
Interested in learning more about our work? We love to share about what we do! Contact us by email at or by the Father’s Hope Facebook page to schedule a speaker for your church, vacation Bible school, church group, community organization, classroom or any other entity.
Thank you!
Kevin Mertz, director
Father’s Hope

Painting the sliding board at Oasis.

Painting the sliding board at Oasis de Amor.

A van filled with 27 bags of 577 stuffed animals, delivered to Hannah House in Niagara Falls.

Irma Mertz (left) of Father’s Hope, with representatives from Hannah House while delivering stuffed animals from Father’s Hope.