aboutfinalFather's Hope is an all-volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization working to show love to orphans, and children in need of feeling loved, around the world.

The main focus of Father's Hope is to collect fun items, and items of comfort, such as small stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons and jump ropes, to be shipped or personally delivered to children around the world. Father's Hope also supports projects to benefit children at orphanages it works with. Among its efforts, the organization has assisted with a building expansion project at an orphanage in Honduras, purchased bicycles for Honduran orphans, and has sponsored a series of educational Skype sessions between U.S. students and orphans in emerging countries.

The idea for this outreach was placed on my heart after visiting an orphanage in Choluteca, Honduras, while on my first mission trip in June 2011. During that visit, a precious little boy sat down on my knee and would not leave my side during our mission team's visit to the orphanage. The boy never knew it, but he changed my life in so many ways and is the inspiration for this outreach.
Upon returning to Honduras in June 2012, my heart was completely overwhelmed with love for the orphans, who have so much love to give, yet have very little in their life. I have since returned to Honduras multiple times, and traveled to the Dominican Republic, to spend time with the orphans there.


The support Father’s Hope has received since it was launched in 2012 has been incredible as a number of different organizations, schools, churches and individuals have become involved in supporting the mission of the outreach. Father's Hope is a true community project.

In its first three years, Father’s Hope touched the lives of over 20,000 orphans and children in need of feeling loved in 18 countries. Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Honduras, India, Italy, Latvia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines, Russia, Uganda, Ukraine and the United States are among the countries where children have been touched through Father’s Hope.

I welcome the opportunity to make presentations about Father's Hope, and my passion for the orphans of the world, to churches, youth groups, schools, community organizations, vacation Bible schools and other entities. I can be reached via email at fathers.hope@gmail.com to schedule a presentation.
Father's Hope is always accepting recommendations of orphanages or missionaries from around the world who would like to receive a shipment of stuffed animals from Father’s Hope. We can also provide small stuffed animals to groups and individuals going on mission trips to work with children.

Tax deductible financial contributions, to offset the cost of shipping items to orphanages around the world and to support our partner orphanages in other ways, may be sent to:

Father's Hope, 9 Greenbriar Drive, Milton, PA 17847

THANK YOU to everyone supporting this outreach!
Kevin Mertz, Director